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About us

We are a company with happy, innovative and genuine people.

Constantly and innovative iterations, this is our foundations, this is our mainly secret. We just focus our activity in creating new services and commodities which add real value to our investors. And this is by means of all our accumulated customers experience.

We have a technological, global and effective vision of our Business. We work with Agile Developing Tools and offer pragmatism, flexibility and good mood to our activities.

Crazy and impossible projects

We call risky innovative projects to those adventurous services and/or products which require of a technological partner and/or micro-capital for it development and/or marketing. In this kind of projects, value cannot be found in its own development but in its later exploitation.

We are sure that developing “Impossible” or “Crazy” projects is not impossible without a pragmatic and skilled team.

Our services scope is worldwide. This meant in both, its structure (Cloud) as well as in the human resources. Aiming to improve our experience and our activities, recently we have joined with Grupo Domingo Alonso and with Grupo FESE.

Corporative responsibility

We are a company which follow criteria of Social responsibility and advance market claims, both for its clients and its employees.

We understand corporative responsibility as the countpart of the company’s freedom as much as the essential element to achieve a long-term sustainable development.

In this terms our strategy is build on a friendly work environment which enables the reconciliation of work time and family life for our developers, as well as our commitment with solidarity projects.

Palet Express

PaletExpress is the name of the main space where we develop software projects and/or Web Business.

This is a place where several kind of professional skilled technicians "cohabit", working with Agile Methodology looking forward to develop projects, in other words... Business.

In practical terms, this physical workspace was built using wooden pallets in a old warehouse, converting it into a practical software factory.

Suggested methodology

We suggest SCRUM as framework. SCRUM isn’t a development methodology but a FRAMEWORK that allows to design a methodology. In this way, with SCRUM it’s possible to have two important aspects of our proposal:

  • An advantage for the design of Agile development methodology which allows continuous deliveries and corrections with periodical iterations.
  • An active participation of the customer during the development. This is an important work method which we consider fundamental for development. This is an active part of the work.

Project Management

With our working method we’ll use Web tools to speed up the relationship between customer and developers, to delve transparency and effectiveness.

We make that available through our three main software tools, for our customers and in our projects:

  • for managing projects main data and enabling smooth communication with customers: Basecamp
  • for managing internal features and KPIs of the projects SCRUM implementation: OnTime
  • for document storage: Google Drive

With Weengo your employees will rise into full time salesperson.

With Weengo all your employees will always have the latest version of your product and services, ready to “advise” their friends in those private events or social meetings they attend.

  • It allows you to trade 24/7 in all these meetings and social events that your sales people do not have access to
  • It manages to get your employees to take their first contact with a client prospective as a game. In that game they can beat the rest of their teammates to be the best “Weengo” champion of your company
  • It allows you to have your entire updated product catalog in your employees Smartphones

Is an App designed for car agency’s customers. It aims to attract and keep customers.

  • Static content about regarding the information of the car agency
  • Connector ODB which can communicate to the car agency the feedback of the car, with the aim of re-contacting customers
  • Possibility of managing the dates and support on managing car accidents
  • Marker which notifies to car agency when a customer approach in DRAPP with the aim of target it and, at the same time, for target offers
  • Technical guide about the car maintenance/li>
  • Customer loyalty System, it will have a frequent costumer reward point system (Km/miles) and have an exchange System with discount coupons for further uses
  • Possibility to send PUSH messages for targeted Customer’s mobile

A company suppliers portal. This portal mainly automates the outcoming and incoming invoicing, the payment management. But also manages automated suppliers pre-payments.

This is usual “factoring” addressed to company small suppliers. It can be automated by this portal and set into the company IT systems as well.

Our business base is:

  • By means of this portal, companies can obtain extra incoming money by making financial deals from their payment process
  • With Singular Factoring, the company accepts from authorized suppliers, incoming invoices and enables them to subscribe for pre-payment in exchange of a minimum fee
  • Pre-payment is achieved by suppliers through the own company cash or from an associated bank

The easiest way to locate any kind of transport vehicle and know its location at anytime. Have you ever been waiting eternally for that bus without knowing where is it now?.

Guapp allows you to easily generate a tracking code for your desperate passengers. Share it with whoever you want to know where you are. So simple, so fast. You’ll never use any other tracking method as easy and intuitive as this one is.


App solution for the automotive sector car logistics.

Logicar supports car logistics interactions among car manufacturers, importers and dealers. Its main subsystems are: cars transport, cars preparation, cars maintenance, customs duty, services invoicing.


Promote and monetize the Creativity of your Organization.

  • Development of a friendly platform for the internal suggestions and Ideas harvest
  • Exhortation for an intensive use of internal Ideas
  • Spread the message that in this organization the Ideas are really valuable

An app and a back-office system that simulates the financial market. Where the main value are Ideas.

Users propose Ideas, and through virtual money, other users will buy or will sell options about these Ideas. Other users will be able to improve the idea. Ideas creators, investors as well as improvers and rewarded only if the idea is bought for the organization and deployed internally.

Singular Ideas platform generates info about most voted Ideas, most active users as well as most involved managers and executive staff.


Dashboard App

Almost real time KPIs for management help.

Measure Represent Interpret Decide



A smartphone app for managing used cars.

This project follows the Internet publication content’s model into existing platforms, for example Social network’s marketing campaigns, with the aim of maximize the audience and the customers content’s promotion helping to promote its stock.

In addition to the content’s quality and its visual representation, the other main differential factor in Vookeys is the kind of cars focused on, in fact with Vookeys these have the car agency’s warranty.


The easiest way to carry with you your office’s working material inventory. It reads the barcode, serial number o BIDI code generated for creating and adding material to the inventory, manage who is using it and keep track of their condition.

A very simple system for having everything under control and in perfect state of use.

Laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. All the material for using and working without limitations nor complex checkups.

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